Joeys & Possums Room
Welcome to the Joeys & Possums Pre-kinder program

Joeys & Possums is our Pre-Kinder program which ranges in age from 3-4 years old.


Pre-Kinder program is an exciting time for children and parents/ carers. Children that have often not separated from their parents/carers are often taking their first steps into the educational system.


Pre-Kinder program is the start of an amazing journey for the children, with a focus on play and the children’s interests we explore many different areas of learning.


Sensory play, Dramatic play, Painting and Drawing, Cognitive learning experiences, Exploration of our environment, Physical play and run formal group times where the children learn many new songs and dances.


Self-help skills and relationship building are also an important area for the children to adjust to, learning to problem solve and preparing them for future challenges.

Room Staff

Kindergarten Teacher


Kindergarten Assistant