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Kindergarten is literally the “child’s garden”. In this place each child is special and has individual needs, which are recognized and encouraged to grow and develop in their own time. It is at kindergarten that children have a further opportunity to learn about themselves, others and the world around them. It is a year of fun, hard work, challenges and maturing.


At kindergarten the children participate in an enriching, play based educational program that reflects individual needs and interests and is supported through developmental learning. The children are encouraged to interact through individual and group activities to choose a wide variety of learning experiences in order to learn about themselves and the world around them. The flexible program is planned in the areas of logical and mathematical development, fine and gross motor development, artistic development, social relationships, language and literacy development, environmental awareness, artistic development, music and the dramatic arts, sensory exploration and discovery.


The experiences of young children are the foundations on which life-long wellbeing, health and education are based.


The kindergarten program was previously operated by Phillip Island Kindergarten. At the end of 2012 we were very fortunate that we had a smooth transition to our new integrated centre. This is of great benefit to the children and families that attend this centre as the kindergarten staff have great relationship with the child care, maternal and child health service as well as a wonderful transition program with Cowes Primary School.


We take great pride in our new kindergarten room and its facilities, with many thanks to the many hours of fundraising of the past parents, families and the community.


Room 1 has a wonderful, friendly and warm feel to it. Fresh, new furniture and teaching equipment make this room a joy to work and play in, not only for the children but for the staff and families in our centre.


Kind Regards, Justine McLaren

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Kindergarten Assistant Penguins & Koalas