Narelle - Room Leader Gumnuts 
Welcome to the Gumnuts Room

Our room caters for children aged 0-2 years. We provide a caring environment where relationships and strong bonds are formed between educators and children and their families. Interaction between educators and families is encouraged so we become familiar with your child’s home routines. We try to incorporate home routines into our program to ensure a smooth transition for children into care.


We provide a program based on children’s needs and interests to assist in babies emerging independence. Our children are beginning to experiment with food at this stage of development. We are able provide information to assist parents with healthy eating guidelines.


We are very fortunate to have the Phillip Island Maternal Health Care Service on our premises. This section of our service allows us to enquire about any health or developmental issues we may encounter with our babies, in consultation with parents. As a three way team, we can then work together to provide the best outcome for children who may require support.


We work closely with the Explorers Room at transition time, ensuring your child’s move into the next phase of childcare is smooth and supported.


Room Staff

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