Penny-Ann Room Leader Explorers
Welcome to the Explorer Room

The children within this room are 2- 3 year olds eager to learn. Our room is the next big step for toddlers. Our language is emerging with increased social interactions, encouraged through meaningful experiences which are programmed by our highly dedicated and qualified educators.


We want to challenge ourselves to form more confidence and skill by using our senses to discover the world around us. Educators probe children’s understandings to find their prior knowledge, so that we are able to promote ongoing, positive learning which enriches their lives and advances them to a new stage.


We encourage children to make choices to support independence and self-help, allowing for flexible changes to occur daily to our program. Educators build close bonds with all children through nurturing interactions and role modelling. We love to explore, get messy, try new things and ask questions because this is our way of finding out the whys and the way this enormous planet and all its living things work.

Room Staff

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