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At Phillip Island Early Learning Centre, we view children as being inquisitive; full of curiosity and wonder. They are strong, competent and intellectual. They are creators, imaginative thinkers and problem solvers. They are ready to learn and make sense of their world.


Each child is a unique being; an individual who brings to the class their own knowledge, experiences, ways of learning, interests and questions. We aim to draw upon these when devising the curriculum co-operatively with the children. We want to create an environment where each child has the time, confidence and freedom to learn at their own pace, explore their own interests and begin to make sense of their own world.


Children are encouraged to develop a sense of independence by being able to make choices in a play-based environment, being involved in projects within their ability range therefore experiencing success, as well as given support when an attempt goes wrong. Encouraging children to be responsible for their own belongings and PIELC equipment, and knowing the daily routine also encourages their independence.


We provide an environment where children can be confident to be inquisitive and to explore so as to make sense of their world. Children are encouraged to access materials to support their interests and questions.


Many opportunities and materials to support and use emerging literacy and numeracy skills are available.Our centre provides a rich environment for your child that has been structured specifically for developing babies from 6 weeks up to the school age child. The learning environment is designed to fulfil all the recommendations of the Pre-School Curriculum Guidelines, the most recent early education mandate. It is based on 7 foundation learning areas:


  • Thinking

  • Social Learning and Living

  • Cultural Understanding

  • Understanding Environments

  • Sense of Self and Others

  • Communication; and

  • Health and Physical Understanding


Staff use a variety of methods to help keep parents informed of what is happening in the programme. A daily diary supported by photographs can be a springboard into conversation with your child about their day. We're happy to talk to you about your child's day as well.


We value your involvement in our programme. You may possess skills or knowledge about an area of interest to the children, and we welcome you to share these with us. You can tell us about a specific interest your child has at home that they may like to share with their friends at PIELC.

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